User Account Control Settings in Windows 7

One of the nice features in Windows 7 is the possibility to tell the system weather it should communicate to you about the changes in your system that applications are attempting to do or not. At home I share my PC with my wife and my children. I surely want to know about the things where as they do not care about these messages. So I can use this tool to sort out for each user.
The tool is accessible through the ControlPanel->AllControlPannelItems->ActionCenter->ChangeAccountControlSettings

Test Your Pages

Some handy tools to check you pageloads:
– HTTPFox : obviously for FireFox, but not available for new version of FF at this time 🙁
– HttpWatch a free tool (can upgrade to professional) works on both IE8 and FF as addin. It rocks
– a free website that tests your page from a remote location. They provide three remote location to initiate the test which makes your test very natural.